MIIndS strives to include as many academic and research disciplines as possible in its holistic approach to exploring and solving today’s most pressing and difficult challenges.

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Engineering is the use of science to solve problems and create technologies. The application of math and science to real problems to provide useful solutions. Engineers work closely with those in fields such as medicine and business to provide solutions to daily problems Information. By knowing about engineering people outside of the field, can better work with clients in the field of engineering, or know where their industry is heading technology-wise.

Information Technology

In today’s society, every day our lives are becoming increasingly more technology-driven. The field of Information Technology encompasses everything in computing technology, from networking, the internet, computer programming, and hardware systems, to the technologists that operate in these fields.

Artists, for example, are moving more and more into the digital space when creating art.

Now more than ever it’s important for everyone to understand the technology that surrounds them as its presence is only going to increase from here.

Social Sciences

Social sciences is the study of human relationships and interactions that collectively add up to culture and affect society. Social Sciences are an intangible part of interdisciplinary studies due to their importance in understanding human relations.

For example, understanding the psychology of people makes better marketers or better nurses.

Natural Science

Natural Science is the study of the world around us, the hard sciences such as Physics, and Biology. It is obvious how students in the STEM fields would benefit from Natural Science, they will use the theories and models learned in their day to day jobs.
Knowing about the natural world also benefits people in business depending on what their business deals with. Lawmakers must know about the natural world if they are to correctly make legislature pertaining to it.


Business is one that allows students to understand every aspect of the fiscal world and marketing. Even if one is to never be part of a firm or a Fortune 500 company, learning about how businesses operate will better help you interact with them. This can benefit the student in several ways, from learning how to market yourself or projects to employers, or investors.

Let’s face it money is a crucial part of life, and handling it well is the difference between a million and a penny.


The discipline is one in which creativity and problem are solved in a more diverse manner. This can be using visual imagery as well as written texts. When exploring this discipline more deeply, students will gain the ability to create a set of solutions less often viewed by those who may not have any background in the Arts.

Additionally, the students with experience in this discipline will also have the capability to gain a more holistic view of advertisement and marketing.


The law discipline is devoted to truth and justice within the world. This can allow the student to understand how law and order work throughout our legal system. Although natural laws govern the universe, human laws govern our day to day lives. Understanding how laws can be passed, the reasoning behind some laws and how to repeal them, the common person is given the power to keep the government accountable.

This can lead the student to focus on how to best relate to the laws being passed within the nation, leading to a better understanding of the international world as well in subjects such as alliances and trade agreements.