MIIndS with UPE: Website Building

MIIndS with NextGen: What’s on the ballot

Meet Friends with MIIndS

We’re getting set for the new decade and welcoming new and old MIIndS enthusiasts! 

Photography Basics

Learn how to take Insta-worthy pictures using just your iPhone camera! Use these simple camera techniques to get that perfect angle and revamp your profile. 

Startups Practice Pitch

Practice your elevator pitch with MIIndS as we set you up with a partner, an investor, and a completely random product. Can you get your Shark to invest? 

MIIndS Mock Trial

Find out what really happens in the courtroom and serve on a mock jury as MIIndS teams up with Panther Mock Trial.

MIIndS Medical Center Tour

Meet Harvey, Noelle, and other simulation dummies that teach FIU students as you tour FIU’s Albert and Debbie Tano Medical Center. Get an inside look at FIU’s hands-on medical and health training.

Less Stress Fest

Relax and end the semester with one of the biggest student-run events of the year! Join MIIndS and other organizations while you kick back, pet some therapy dogs, blow bubbles, and end the year with a good time.